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Better Behaviours Between Acquiring Authorities and Claimants Advisors

As part of the CPA’s drive to promote better behaviours between acquiring authorities and claimants advisors, the board will start to collect examples of best practice which strike a reasonable balance between the interests of the AA and claimant. The objective being to discuss this with a working group and publish examples on the CPA web site. The output is hoped to be a menu of options as there will not be a “one size fits all”. Members are therefore invited to provide examples of what they believe constitutes best practice.  We welcome submissions from members and others.  

Suggested areas are:

  • Payment of claimant fees by the AA in advance of the exercise of statutory powers. I am aware of Heathrow’s draft policy - any others?
  • Consultation process and materials
    • Approach taken to disadvantaged groups
    • Successful Communication approaches
  • Acquisition in advance of inquiry…
    • Incentives for parties to agree terms early and on reasonable commercial terms. Different approaches for investors, businesses or residential?
    • Conditional contracts
    • Bond schemes
    • Shared equity schemes to address affordability
  • Assistance by AA in relocating occupiers.
    • Process for an AA taking possession of land… e.g. Notice of required VP linked to milestones such as confirmation of the CPO
    • Notification by AA in lead up to possession
    • AA assistance to occupiers in looking for alternative property
    • Mitigation measures offered by AA… Not before date, notice periods, etc
    • Decanting policies
    • Council tenants       
  • Minimising construction impact
  • Part 1

If you wish to sit on the working group of be involved in certain aspects then please advise.  There may well be a need to have more than one working group, but this will be decided as we progress.

To upload any docs you feel should be considered click here
To contact Adrian, click here
Adrian Maher, working Party Chair
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