Diversity and Inclusion Statement

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For Members

Statement of Principles and Policies


The Compulsory Purchase Association (CPA) Diversity, Equality and Inclusion: Statement of Principles and Policies

  • The CPA is committed to creating an inclusive environment where its membership can thrive through diversity and equality.
  • The CPA recognises it has a role to play in supporting members from all backgrounds irrespective of age, disability, gender definition, marriage and civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity/paternity, race, religion & belief and sex and sexual orientation together with such other protected characteristics as may be prescribed.
  • The CPA is committed to increasing representation of those from underrepresented groups.
  • The CPA will ensure that diversity, equality and inclusion are integral to its activities.
  • The CPA will promote and support the active participation of members from a range of backgrounds and provide a platform for diversity of issues.
  • The CPA will seek to increase the diversity of its Board.
  • These principles and policies will be reviewed annually by the CPA Board to establish how the terms of how these have been adhered to in the CPA’s activities.
  • A Diversity and Inclusion working group exists and reports monthly to the board.

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