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Joining the Compulsory Purchase Association

Why become a member?

embers are welcomed from the diverse range of professionals who are involved in CPO work. The CPA is a membership organisation and does not accredit competency, experience or knowledge. The CPA has 6 membership groups:
Awarded by the Board
No charge
Full Member
Open to any professional person (see application form) who has an interest in CPO   work
£75 + VAT
Open to students in education & not employed full time.
Open to public sector organisations (public or local authority, statutory agency, statutory undertaker, public trust or higher education body).
£57.50 + VAT
For someone who has retired from active practice but who wishes to stay connected
£37.50 + VAT
CPA Future
Not a separate group, but open to members who have less than 10 years professional experience in CPO work
Free to Members
There are five steps to becoming a member of the CPA.
  1. Read the Articles of Association
  2. Read the Association Rules of Membership.
  3. Read the Data Policy Statement and Privacy Notice
  4. Complete the member application form below which will be sent to the CPA.
  5. The Board will review your application and confirm acceptance.

You can always print out a copy and post to us.  Click here
If you have any problems click here.
Contact Details
Compulsory Purchase Work
Members are welcomed from the diverse range of professionals who are involved in CPO work
Handbook Details
We publish a handbook of members. It is usual that we publish name, qualifications, job title, organisation, address and telephone number. WE DO NOT PUBLISH EMAILS. Please advise us what infomation you wish us to publish
 Name, Qualifications, Job Title
 Organisation address
 Telephone no:
 List all my details
Your Professional Background
You must belong to a professional body as listed, or an appropriate alternative or a land referencer
 Law Society
 the Bar
Type of Membership
CPA Future criteria - having less than 10 years professional experience
If a Student
If Corporate
Each corporate member needs to complete this form, in full
 Central Government
 Local Government
 Statutory Undertaker
 Statutory Agency
 Public Trust
 Higher Educational Body
General Questions
Payment Options

Membership Terms and Conditions

  • By submitting an application to join the association, you are agreeing to the Articles of Association and accompanying Rules.  (both of which are viewable on the CPA website).  You also accept the Privacy Policies.
  • The application process usually has a three week turn around time. During this time, you will be treated as a provisional member, with no voting or member privileges being bestowed.
  • If you do not receive confirmation within three weeks please ring the CPA office on 0118 987 3345.
  • By submitting your membership application, and when you membership is accepted, you shall be liable for the membership fee. Whilst your employer may pay it, you are liable for such payments.
  • The date of joining is when we write to confirm acceptance. But, you will not be eligible to vote or take up member privileges until your membership is paid in full. All subscriptions shall be paid by cheque or BACS
  • The membership year is 1 January to 31 December.
  • Any person joining the CPA or paying their annual subscription after 1 August will not be eligible to take part in the Board elections for that year.
  • Prospective members joining after 10 October will be invited to become members from 1 January, effectively providing a 14 and a half month membership year.
  • By joining the CPA, you form a contractual relationship with the Association.  In respect of GDPR regulations, we are holding and processing data lawfully using the contractual basis (GDPR Article 6).  It is your responsibility to advise of any errors, omissions and updates required to maintain contact with you.   This includes ensuring the internet service provider and company IT servers allow the delivery of such communications (so make sure CPA emails are not spammed, blacklisted, junked or quarantined). You may also need to ensure you do not personally set up junk setting within your email software.  The CPA shall provide the following services to members; member services, communicating CPO and CPA news as we deem appropriate.
  • We endorse this fundamental principle, but its incongruous for a member to be forgotten.  To do so means we cannot provide membership services.  Therefore, if a member exercises this right, we will process this request as a cancellation of membership.
  • Anyone retiring part way through the year of membership will not be entitled to any refund for unused membership.
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