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Joining the Compulsory Purchase Association

embers are welcomed from the diverse range of professionals who are involved in CPO work. The CPA is a membership organisation, and does not accredit competency, experience or knowledge. The CPA has 4 membership groups:

Ordinary Member
-  Open to any professional person who has an interest, and practices, in CPO work.    

£60 + VAT per member.

Corporate Member - Open to public sector organisations - see the categories listed below in the form.  
The form below defines corporate.  
Corporate membership fees are £45 + VAT per member.
Student Member - Open to students in education & not employed full time.  
N.B Students will automatically be enrolled onto the Young CPA
Honorary Member - Awarded by the National Committee; this form is not applicable.

There are four steps to becoming a member of the CPA.
  1. Read the Articles of Association
  2. Read the Association Rules of Membership
  3. Complete the member application form below (or download a paper version and post.)
  4. The Board will review your application and confirm acceptance.

If you have any problems
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Contact Details
Handbook Details
We publish a handbook of members. Please advise us what infomation you wish us to publish
 Name, qualifications and professional association
 Organisation address
 Telephone no:
 List all my details
Your Professional Background
You must belong to a professional body as listed, or an appropriate alternative or a land referencer
 Law Society
 the Bar
Type of Membership
Young CPA criteria - having less than 10 years professional experience
If a Student
If Corporate
Each corporate member needs to complete this form, in full
 Central Government
 Local Government
 Regional Agency
 Statutory Undertaker
 Statutory Agency
 Public Trust
 Higher Educational Body
General Questions
Payment Options


  • The membership year is 1 January to 31 December.
  • Any person joining the CPA or paying their subscription after 1 August in any given year will not be eligible to take part in the Committee elections for that year.
  • Prospective members joining after 10 October will be invited to become members from 1 January, effectively providing a 14 and a half month membership year.
  • All subscriptions shall be paid by cheque or BACS
  • The application process usually has a three week turn around time. If you do not recieve confirmation within three weeks please ring the CPA office on 01189873345.
  • Your membership is not activated until Payment has been received.
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