About the CPA

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About the CPA

The Compulsory Purchase Association (CPA) is a not for profit member organisation that promotes best and effective practice in the delivery of land for infrastructure, housing and regeneration through the use of compulsory purchase powers. Its members represent both acquiring authorities and claimants affected by compulsory acquisition, and come from a range of professional disciplines involved in the compulsory purchase process, including chartered surveyors, lawyers, barristers, forensic accountants, planners and land referencers. In that sense, it truly reflects the profession.

The CPA is a non-partisan organisation and neither supports nor opposes specific public works schemes. Its objective is to work for the public benefit in relation to compulsory purchase and compensation in all its forms. It seeks to promote the highest professional standards amongst practitioners at all levels, and to ensure that the legal framework for compulsory purchase and compensation is clear, fair and effective.

Our Objectives
  • Establish a multi-disciplinary association of persons interested in compulsory purchase.
  • Enable free exchange of views, experience and advice.
  • Provide correspondence and newsletters to members by e-newsletters and e-mails.
  • Promote lectures, seminars, and similar events, on compulsory purchase topics for both members and non-members.
  • Provide networking opportunities for members and liaise with Universities to provide assistance on compulsory purchase topics.
  • Act as a reference point  and sounding board for Government, the Law Commission and others on compulsory purchase issues and proposals.
  • Promote best practice in all aspects of compulsory purchase.
  • Remain independent of all organisations so as to offer balanced and unprejudiced views and advice.

Benefits of Membership
  • If you are involved or interested in the field of compulsory purchase, the CPA provides an ideal platform to network, learn, and contribute to best practice and law reform.
  • The CPA promotes and imparts best practice
  • The CPA is cross professional, making it the voice of the profession
  • The CPA has contributed significantly to recent law reform.
  • The CPA was also one of the drivers behind the new RICS Professional Statement setting mandatory standards for surveyors advising in respect of compulsory purchase and statutory valuation.
  • Members benefit from discounts on our national conference and discounts or often free attendance, at regional events.  You also receive e-alerts on CPO and CPA business
  • Whilst the CPA is no stamp of expertise, it does carry weight in the eyes of practitioners who are associated with CPO matters.
  • Discounted attendance at national conference.
  • Discounted or free regional CPD events and network events
  • Newsletter and CPO briefings
  • Distribution of live CPO jobs
  • Discounted Reform lecture attendance

What CPA does with your support and participation
  • Promotes best practice and reforms to it – to members, to professionals in the CPO world and those who have interest in it
  • Engages with Government, agencies and stakeholders
  • Promotes a CPO agenda with professional bodies                                                                           
  • Engages with lobby groups

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