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Blight IDWP on Blight

The 2019 CPA Annual Law Reform lecture was on Blight, Mary Cook  presented a paper and discussed the merits for reform.  

The paper and slides are attached here.

A working group is being convened to take this forward.

The Town and Country Planning (Blight Provisions)(England) Order 2017 (SI 2017 No.472)
Following the March 2016 consultation on compulsory purchase reforms, the Government committed to taking forward the proposal to set a higher rateable value limit for small businesses in Greater London when the limit was next to be revised as a result of the 2017 rating revaluation.
Owner-occupiers of business premises are able to serve blight notices provided the annual rateable value of their premises does not exceed a prescribed limit. This Order raises the current limit of £34,800 to £36,000 in England excluding Greater London and £44,200 in Greater London to take account of the rating revaluation for 2017.
The rateable value limit also has two other uses.  It sets the threshold for making claims for compensation for depreciation in the value of property caused by the physical effects (e.g. noise, vibration, dust) of public works under Part 1 of the Land Compensation Act 1973. In addition it sets the threshold under section 46 of the 1973 Act, for proprietors aged sixty or over to claim disturbance on the basis of total extinguishment of their business rather than for relocation if they are subject to a compulsory purchase order.
The Order comes into force on 21 April 2017.  
 The Order and associated explanatory memorandum can be found online at:

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