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CPO Talking Heads: June

When: Monday 24th June 2024
Location: Virtual Forum
Timings: Registration: 12.55, Start: 13.00; Close: 14.00
CPD Hours: 1 Hour
Price: Free for CPA Members (£50 + VAT for Non Members) when using discount code in marketing email
Housing is in Crisis: What Role can CPOs Play?

This event runs as an informal discussion with a small panel of leading and informed practitioners extracting the nuances from this months topic "Housing is in Crisis: what role can CPOs play?". It will discuss practical issues that arise, with participants in the meeting being encouraged to listen, join in, ask questions and share comments.

Where and What?

  • There are various locations and approaches to building new homes - from greenfield sites to repurposing existing buildings.
  • A diverse range of housing types is needed - from small flats to large homes to accommodate different needs and preferences.
  • Affordable and social housing should be a priority, alongside other housing options.

The Drivers and Inhibitors to Delivery

  • The role of Local Plans, housing targets and the consequences of not having them.
  • The relationship between politics, policy and opposition - is it too intertwined?
  • Should planning have a "compelling public benefit" principle like CPOs?

Affordable Housing Challenges

  • Affordable housing is often lower quality, cheaper (and likely to become obsolete quicker)  - does this just push the housing crisis down the road?
  • What does "good" affordable housing in regeneration schemes look like?
  • Are developer-council viability disputes on the number of affordable housing units hindering the delivery of homes more generally?

The CPO Process

  • CPOs can unlock land value and transform sites, but are they fit for purpose in the planning system to deliver housing?
  • Should CPOs be used to enable local authorities to more easily acquire empty properties?
  • CPOs can disrupt communities - families may be displaced far from their homes, jobs and neighbourhoods. Are we doing enough to mitigate the impacts?

Potential Solutions

  • Is a "housing NSIP" (Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project) process needed?
  • The CMA's housebuilding market study - could it suggest better ways forward?
John Sayer, Ardent; Vice Chair of The CPA
Hashi Mohamed, Landmark Chambers
Dan Knowles, Sawyer Fielding Ltd
Ruth Jacob, Crisis
Greg Dickson, Stantec
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