Elections 2023

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Elections 2023

Election Rules 2023 -
  • The election will run from 4th September until Friday 29th September 2023 at 17.00.

Who is entitled to vote?
  • Fully paid up members whether standard or corporate as of the 1st August 2023; and honorary members. Anyone joining after the 1st August is not eligible.

Form of voting:
  • Voting is electronic via the web. There are no postal votes. Those eligible will receive an email from Electionbuddy Elections elections@electionbuddy.com. Anyone not receiving an invite once the election has started should contact the office at cpa@compulsorypurchaseassociation.org
  • Members will receive an invitation to vote. To assist members decide who to vote for, you can find the CVs and election statements from the various candidates here.

Voting Procedure:
  • Invites to vote are sent to members’ registered emails, as held by the office. As a general requirement of membership, members are responsible for advising of any contact amendments.
  • CPA’s duty of care is to ensure the email is sent and to notify members the election has begun – by email and posts on the website. Thereafter, it is the members’ duty to check receipt of the ballot invitation; and to vote.
  • Members should be aware that whilst an email is delivered, it may not actually end up in an inbox due to company server setups, spam filter settings and clutter settings. Please check this in the first instance if you have not received your email.
  • 1 member = 1 vote.  Each vote invite has a unique code and once that code is used by voting, it cannot be used again; and the member cannot have another vote, nor change their vote.
  • The office can verify whether someone has voted (and this information is not shared), how many have voted, how many have not been delivered, but it cannot determine how anyone has voted.
  • The office will investigate failed deliveries, correct where possible and resend.  But the primary duty is on the member to inform of any change of email address.

Election Duties:
  • Election Officer: The Chair will be CPA election officer (since the Hon Secretary is standing). The jury of appeal will be the election officer, the Vice Chair and one other board member not standing in the election.
  • The election officer will devolve responsibility of the election to the Administrator and his staff. The Proxy Election officer will not have a vote in respect of any appeals.
  • The proxy election officer will check the validity of the nominations. Those nominating will not be published.
  • The proxy election officer will agree the duration of the election and the reminders sent before the start of the election.
  • The proxy election officer will give details of the results to the Election Officer to inspect them to confirm the ballet has been undertaken correctly.
  • Only the election officer and the Administrator (and optionally the deputy election officers) will be aware of the scores obtained.  No candidates will be given the scores.
  • The chairman will announce those successfully elected to the Board and then to the AGM. The chairman will contact each of the candidates privately 24 hours prior to the AGM.
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