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The definition of Open Space in the 1981 Act etc

What is the Problem? -   a summary

The definition in S19(4) states that Open Space is

“any land laid out as a public garden, or used for the purposes of public recreation, or land being a disused burial ground.

has no consideration of TVGs or Open Access Land .  It is not clear if such land  is automatically classed as being used for purposes of recreation.    It is also not clear how these lands are to be treated in a CPO situation if not automatically POS – is exchange land needed? The point needs to be clarified.



Method of change required

primary legislation

Call for Evidence examples


Next Steps/Actions

Discuss with CLG - Sue Lovelock– include in reforms to 2008 Act.
CLG said no chance of it being supported by Government

Consult members


Convenor and Lead

Richard Guyatt

Working party,
joint authors and Other Contributors


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