The CPA AGM 2020 - Compulsory Purchase Association

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The CPA AGM 2020

When: Monday 19 October 2020
Location: Virtual Event
Timings: Registration: 13.55, Start: 14.00; Close: 14.20
CPD Hours: Not Applicable for this Event
Price: Free Event
Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting for the Association will be held on Monday 19 October 2020 for the purposes of transacting the following Association business:

AGM Business:
  • Amendment to the Articles of Association
  • Receiving report by the outgoing Chairman
  • Receiving report and accounts by the Hon. Treasurer
  • Announcement of the Election of Directors
  • Receiving address of incoming Chairman
  • Any other business

Amendment to the Articles of Association

Summary of Amendment
The Board proposes an amendment to the Articles is to allow the Directors discretion to accept Membership applications.

The CPA regularly receives applications for membership from applicants engaged in a variety of professional or business roles. To be admitted as a Member, any applicant must satisfy the current Membership criteria, which include demonstrating to the satisfaction of the Directors of the CPA Board that the applicant holds a substantial professional interest in the field of compulsory purchase and compensation, together with satisfying at least one of the following criteria, either:

  • Holding a professional qualification from a one of an approve list of professional institutions; or
  • Being a practising barrister, solicitor or equivalent; or
  • Fall within the membership of a body or organisation listed in the Schedule2 to the Articles.

From time to time applications are received from applicants who do not meet any of the member membership criteria at (i) to (iii) above but who nonetheless are able to demonstrate that they meet the requirement of holding a substantial professional interest in CPO and compensation.

Whilst under the Articles the Directors have general discretion to reject an application for Membership (Art. 28), the Directors do not have a general discretion to approve membership applications where the above criteria ((i) to (iii) above) are not met, without amending the list of approved institutions/organisations. This is not always considered appropriate, or is disproportionate, for example where the applicant is a member of an institution or organisation that is itself not typically associated with the field of CPO and compensation.

In order to address this it is proposed that Article 24 be amended to include a new Article 24.1(c), providing the Directors with a general discretion to approve applications for membership that do not satisfy the criteria in (i) to (iii) above but who the Directors consider to satisfy the requirement of holding a substantial professional interest in the field of CPO and compensation. The Directors consider that the proposed amendment will ensure that applicants who satisfy this key criteria can be admitted to the membership and this will help further the objects of the CPA.”

The Amendment
The revised version proposes an amendment to Article 21.4 to insert a new paragraph Art. 21.4 (c) as follows:

“(c) The Directors may in their absolute discretion accept any application for Membership where none of the criteria under Article 21.4(a)(i) to (iii) apply but the Directors are satisfied that the applicant otherwise has a substantial professional interest in the field of compulsory purchase and compensation and need not give reasons for doing so.”

Members may review the active Articles here.

How to Vote on the Resolution
Voting must be at the AGM and will be via a show of virtual hands plus a count of anyone who wishes to vote by proxy.
Members not present can vote via proxy. To do so, click here and complete the online form. You need to ensure your proxy will attend the meeting. They will be invited to cast your vote at the AGM.

Threshold for Voting
For the amendment to pass, it requires 75% (or greater) of the members present at the AGM voting in favour of the resolution.

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