Upskilling: The Compulsory Purchase Professional Development Programme

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The Compulsory Purchase Professional Development Programme

Upskilling: The Compulsory Purchase Professional Development Programme
Equipping professionals with essential knowledge and skills in the compulsory purchase sector

Welcome to the new initiative being offered by the CPA and CPT Events. The following information and tabs provide further insight into the programme.

Technical Knowledge
Comprehensive training in the essentials of compulsory purchase law, procedure and practice. Through 10 specific modules focusing on all stages of the compulsory purchase process; promotion through to resolution of compensation.
Practical Skills
Emphasis on professional skills required to achieve best practice in the professional conduct of compulsory purchase, including reference to relevant professional guidance.
The programme will be equally relevant and accessible to professionals from all disciplines engaged in compulsory purchase work, including surveyors, lawyers, planners and other professionals. Individuals can tailor their learning outcomes according to the practice area in which they work, whilst achieving rounded knowledge of the overall compulsory purchase process.
Each module will allow opportunity for self-assessment to ensure full value from the course.
A certificate of completion will be given to those that complete all modules in the programme, in recognition of having undertaken comprehensive professional training.
The Mechanics of the Programme:

  • 10 virtual modules across 7 months – approximately one session every 3 weeks; on Mondays starting at 12.00 for 2.5hrs. Sessions will provide additional reading and self-assessments will be offered that can be used to demonstrate acquired knowledge to line managers. In addition organisational systems can be discussed in these 1-2-1 environments. Participants are urged to attend live and actively participate; sessions will be available on demand should work and other commitments arise.  

  • All sessions work towards an 11th in-person module/workshop comprising case studies and group discussions, led by some of the tutors, followed by a networking session. This workshop will give attendees the opportunity to demonstrate their new skills and further build relationships with peers.

  • There is no formal assessment of what is learnt, in a similar way to the provision of CPD events. Candidates should be motivated towards self-learning. Employers and line managers will be the ultimate assessors of the new skills they have achieved. The true value is in the attendee  acquiring the knowledge and understanding, becoming more valuable and more dependable to line managers. The reward will manifest in the attendee’s career.

Upskilling Pricing Plan:

The primary goal is to deliver a programme of 10 modules with circa 25 hours of training that will equip people in the CPO industry, to become valuable and fast track their abilities.

The programme can be purchased using the options below:

Booking Option 1

Purchase the programme in 2 blocks of 5 modules:
  • Buy modules 1-5 (Payment due 21/10/24)
  • Buy modules 6-10 (Payment due 03/02/25)
  • Attend live and when you can’t, you have free access to on demand catch up
£575 + VAT per block when using the discount code US1330. Discount ends 1st August, £600 + VAT there after.
Booking Option 2

Purchase the full programme:
  • Buy the full programme at the best available rate when committing to all modules
  • Attend live, and when you can’t you have free access to on demand catch up
  • Group bookings of 4+ are eligible for further discounts - please enquire here.
£1000 + VAT when using the discount code US1329. Discount ends 1st August, £1,100 + VAT there after.
Booking Option 3

Individual modules:
  • Buy individual modules to attend live
  • Receive the on demand recording post event
£135 + VAT per module
The Core Modules:

  1. 21/10/24 - Securing the Powers: Need for and sources of compulsory purchase powers
  2. 04/11/24 - A Deep Dive into CPOs DCOs and T&WOs: Compulsory purchase, DCOs and T&WOs procedures
  3. 25/11/24 - Blight, Preliminary Access and Referencing: Land cost estimates, access for preparatory work, blight notices and acquisitions
  4. 16/12/24 - Exercising Powers: Notices to treat, GVDs and taking possession
  5. 13/01/25 - Resolving CPO Disputes through Mediation, ADR and the Courts: Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) references and limitation periods
  6. 03/02/25 - Assessment of Compensation Part 1: Compensation: General overview and Rules 2 and 3 where land is acquired
  7. 24/02/25 - Assessment of Compensation Part 2: Scheme rules and planning assumptions
  8. 17/03/25 - Assessment of Compensation Part 3: Severance and injurious affection. Rules 4 and 5
  9. 31/03/25 - Assessment of Compensation Part 4: Disturbance and additional payments
  10. 28/04/25 - Assessment of Compensation Part 5: Compensation where no land acquire
  11. Date TBC - Optional, complementary, in-person 1 day session for those who attended the full programme - details yet to published

Dates scheduled are subject to possible change

Additional information, reasons to book and FAQs can be seen here.
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