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Membership Announcements


The cost of annual membership of the CPA will increase from January 2020.

Member fees will increase from £60 to £75, Corporate Membership from £45 to £57.50 and our retired members from £30 to 37.50 (all are subject to VAT). Student membership will remain free.

The increase in membership fees is only the second such increase since the CPA was formed, and follows a recent review of the benefits of membership. Alongside announcing the new fee rates, the CPA are pleased to confirm the following points:

    • There will be no increase in the cost of attending the dinner or conference in 2020.
    • The AGM and Tony Johnson Memorial Lecture will remain a free event.
    • Members will continue to receive a significant discount on attendance at the annual conference and Law Reform Lecture. Early bird discounts will continue to be applied and the best price is always at launch.
    • We are intending to increase the number of regional events, all of which will be free to members.
    • We have increased the number of CPA Future events and they will continue to be free to attend for CPA members.
    • CPA Scotland has established a strong training programme during the past 3 years, and the Welsh steering group is embarking on engagement events to promote the Welsh Government’s CPO reforms from the Welsh Government.
    • Wales and Scotland are looking to have home nation showcase events that are similar to the annual CPA National conference.
    • We have increased the regularity of member newsletters, which among other things highlight relevant consultations, legislation and case law, as well as informing members of events.
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