Nominations 2022

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Nominations 2022

CPA Nominations 2022: for Vice Chair, and 6 directors
As part of the governance of the CPA, the CPA is required to call for members to elect a Vice Chair and 6 board members annually.

Nominations are now open (until 29 July 2022) for:
  • Vice-Chair (the Vice-Chair serve one year (from AGM to AGM), but automatically assumes the chairmanship at the following year’s AGM)
  • Six elected Board Members (from AGM October 2022 - AGM 2024)
  • If you would like to discuss what membership of the Board involves please contact the Chair, Henry Church

Standing for the Board, the details:
  • Anyone seeking to stand needs to complete the nomination form.
  • Please read the extract from the Articles of Association, on page 2 of the nomination form.
  • If you wish, the full Articles of Association can be found by clicking here.
  • Those nominated must be paid up members, as too proposers and seconders (*). A list of members is also published on the website to assist.
  • All nomination forms must be returned to the CPA office by fax, email or post no later than the 29th July 2022. Contact details are found here.
  • The normal term of a board member is two years. The Chair and Vice-Chair serve for one year only. To be eligible to stand as Chair or Vice-Chair you must have served previously on the board at some point.
  • If there are more people standing than there are posts, then there shall be an election. Details will be published on the website if this happens and members emailed.
  • If you are elected to the Board, there is a presumption and expectation that you will attend board meetings, with the option of attending virtually by conference calling. There are usually 10 such meetings annually. Reasonable costs are paid for attendance to committee meetings for members who are not based in, or work in London.

Possible election:
In the event there are more candidates than available places, an election will take place. Please see here for details.
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