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CPO Scottish Law Reform: The SCPA Engagement Programme

Programme sponsors and hosts

The Scottish Law Commission recognised the daunting task in writing a discussion paper on the proposed modernisation and reform of Scotland’s compulsory purchase legislation, and now it has been published, the daunting task now shifts on how to respond to it.  Its sheer size, comprehensiveness and complexity presents a major burden for people reading it
– at a time when practitioners are already heavily committed to client work. 
It’s the desire of the SCPA to engage people in the debate.
The SCPA have read the discussion paper and are holding a number of events to look at the details of what the new law on compulsory purchase could look like. At each event, we shall then invite debate, while a note taker will record comments, the tone of each meeting; and will prepare a summary for attendees to subsequently review and respond to.
The SCPA committee will then look at the various summaries and devise its draft response; after which the draft response will be finalised and sent to the Scottish Law Commission and published on the SPCA website.
Throughout the process, practitioners attending events are encouraged to share their thoughts and indeed use the information to make their own submissions direct to the Scottish Law Commission.
The following professions are supporting the engagement programme:

All the events are free.  Attendees can attend one or more of the planned events.  
Compulsory purchase reform is a once in a career opportunity and all practitioners involved in advising clients, whether acquiring authorities or claimants are encouraged to join and embrace the debate.
NB – reading the SLC paper is not a prerequisite to attending!

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