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Working Groups

Structuring work for the coming year
We have the management board made up of circa 20 people.  Trying to discuss detail on all matters coming to the board will be difficult, so we shall have working groups that will shape and agree the detail, and bring draft proposals to the main board, along with any matters which are contested or deemed necessary for a decision.

Working groups are predominantly populated by board members, but co-options from the membership is a good way to bring in expertise as and when needed; and it allows people to contribute to the CPA in a less demanding way.  The structure and participants will be reviewed September/October each year.
The chairman and administrator are de facto attendees to any of the working groups; and the chairman is a voting member.  If the administrator is listed below, their presence is automatic, otherwise the treasurer must approve attendance of the administrator at any other meeting.
Reform Group - responding to external drivers
Chair: Colin Cottage     
Board: Richard Guyatt, Paul Astbury, Barry, Denyer-Green, Adrian Maher, Keith Murray, Henry Church
           Rebecca Clutten, Raj Gupta, Charles Clarke, Archie Rintoul    
Co-opted: Colin Smith, Abigail Walters, Anthony McNamee, JP Scrafton; John Webster
There is a single group called reform with members, but it can create subgroups to focus on certain projects such as regulations coming out of the recent Acts.  
Scotland have its own reform working groups, structured as they see fit.
Best Practice group – responding to market based needs and the creation of CPA reforms      
Chair: Adrian Maher, Colin Smith
Board: Keith Murray, Henry Church, Raj Gupta , Matthew Collings, Charles Clarke,  
Co-opted: Andrew Highwood, Sue Rixon, David Holland
  • Focused on progression of pre reference protocol.
  • Practise statements and guidance for best practice.
  • Government guidance & new Claim form
  • New independent assessment of rule 2 valuations
  • Enforcement of standards
  • Best and minimum practice standards
  • International Research

Stakeholder Engagement Group
Chair: Richard Guyatt  
Board: Barry Denyer-Green, Rebecca Clutten , Jonathon Stott, Matthew Collings, Charles Clarke
Co-opted: David Van der Lande
The focus is 5 fold;
  • Engagement with civil servants in DfT, DCLG, MoJ, HMT, HS2, DEC, Scottish Government (delegated to Scottish Commitee)
  • Engagement with lobby groups eg BPF or CLA
  • Engagement with the judiciary, namely UT, FTT, Courts, the Lands Tribunal for Scotland (delegated to Scottish Commitee)
  • Political engagement with Conservatives, Lib Dems, Labour, SNP & others as necessary
  • Profession Liaison: CAAV, IRRV, RICS, Law Soc, RTPI, PEBA
Engagement could take the form a private meetings, forums and stakeholder engagement events.
Governance and Strategic Development Group
Chair: Paul Astbury    
Board: Henry Church, Jon Stott, John Sayer, Gary Solomon, Sara Fowler
Administrator: Mark Barlow
Focused On
  • Incorporation
  • Financial systems
  • Incorporation reporting
  • Revisions to articles and rules
  • Election rules
  • Identification of rules associated with Hon membership
  • Expenses rules
  • Branding Rules - Copywriting the CPA logo and name
  • Administration Contract
  • Recognising and protecting Scottish needs
Events Group
Administor and chair: Mark Barlow
Board: Vicky Fowler, Jon Stott, Greg Dickson, Gary Soloman, Matt Collins, Charles Clarke, Henry Church, Ali Lowe
Co-opted: Anthony McNamee     
  • National Conference
  • Reform lecture
  • AGM
  • Dinner
  • IRWA
  • YCPA
  • Regionals
  • Stakeholder meetings
Education Outreach
Chair: Ali Lowe          
Board: John Sayer, Jon Stott, Sue Rixon anbd Virginia Blackman
Co-opts: Dave Holland & Tom Hannan
Communications Outreach
Chair: John Sayer            
Board: Ali Lowe, Mark Barlow, Jon Stott, Greg Dickson and Sue Rixon
Co-opts: Michele Vas & Jennifer Batson
Foucsed on:
  • Education links
  • Matrix links
  • CAAV links
  • ACES links
  • Planning Officers and RTPI links
  • Instruct PR agency
  • Students and career focus
  • APC and changes of career for existing professionals
  • Twitter, Linked In and CPA website
  • Newsletter
  • Creating the value of membership
  • Professions and Media stakeholder engagement
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