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The CPA Recruitment Service


CPO is a specialised field of practice. There are many firms searching for additional staff. The cost of advertising using the usual resources, such as Planning, Estates Gazette and professional journals is expensive; and then there are the numerous recruitment agencies. We are aware that firms can, and do, approach people directly, and some may well use the CPA membership list to do this. We also get approached by firms asking the office whether they know of anyone wanting to change jobs. The answer is no, we are very careful to try to avoid recruitment consultants joining any of our social media.   
This is the way of the world and a natural way career development works.  
Firms that employ CPA members have a problem with recruitment and if we can help those firms, and indirectly assist the members of those firms, then we should.  
Consequently, anyone who is seeking to recruit professional staff into a CPO role can now advertise on the CPA website and through an email. Placement of such jobs can only be done by firms who have a CPA member.
The cost will be £250 + VAT
This will entitle the firm to:
  • Have their advert on the website, listed on a page entitled Jobs.
  • An email will be sent to CPA members.
  • A Twitter and LinkedIn notification will be sent.
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