Introducing the CPA Future

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The CPA Future

CPA Future is about engaging with practitioners new to CPO work. The broad raison d’être of the CPA Future is the creation of a free, dedicated club for such practitioners where members can attend dedicated events, share experiences and knowledge.  

The general guide (it is not prescriptive) for CPA Future membership is for members who have less than 10 years Post Qualification Experience (ie from date of MRICS/MRTPI qualification, PQE for solicitors, call date for barristers). But a member who does CPO work full time is going to learn quicker than someone who juggles different areas of work.  

If you are already a member of the CPA, it costs you nothing! Come and join the 200 members of the CPA Future, by applying here. The group is involved with a mix of CPD events, networking, career development and sharing experiences.
CPA Future Aims
Our aims are to:
  1. Maintain an enthusiastic and committed multi-disciplinary sub group of the CPA for people who are interested in and less experienced in compulsory purchase by:
      • Promoting lectures, seminars and similar training events on a variety of compulsory  purchase topics; and
      • Arranging a range of informal social events.
  2. Enable experience, knowledge, opinions and advice to be shared by people at a similar stage of their careers.
  3. Encourage inclusion and diversity in the compulsory purchase profession.
  4. Harness opinion and comments from CPA Future members to ensure their views are heard by the CPA.  

How to get involved with the CPA Future Committee:
As a guiding principle, the CPA Future Committee is intended to consist of 15 elected members, each expected to serve a 3 year term.

Nominations will be sought in August each year with an email sent to the membership base confirming the number of positions available. Nominations should be sent directly to the CPA Future email address ( Successful candidates will be notified by the Chair of the CPA Future Committee by the end of September.

The CPA Future Chair is elected by the CPA Future Committee in September and the successful nominee is expected to hold the position for 1 year. The Chair of the CPA Future is an invitee to the CPA Board meetings and is responsible for representing CPA Future Committee viewpoints and relay Board level discussions to the CPA Futures Committee. Several serving members of the CPA Board have previously sat on the CPA Future Committee.
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