CPO Law & Practice in Scotland: A Stakeholder Event - Compulsory Purchase Association

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CPO Law & Practice in Scotland: A Stakeholder Event

Date of Recorded Event: Wednesday 28 October 2020
CPD Hours: 1 Hour
Module Duration: 1 hour 37 minutes
Price: Free
The vast majority of those who work in the CPO world in Scotland desire meaningful reform for the benefit of all. This should be done by Scottish Government bringing forward a Bill that reflects the contents of the extensive report submitted by the Scottish Law Commission in 2016. With Scottish Parliamentary Elections in 2021, now is the time to, once again, raise the desire for fundamental reforms or, at least, ensure the commencement of a series of micro reforms. The Scottish committee, who have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience of CPOs and compensation assessments based upon acting on behalf of acquiring authorities and claimants, have convened this event to share their insights and desires on what are some of the reform areas.

The CPA is a non-partisan organisation that neither supports nor opposes specific public works schemes. Its objective is to work for the public benefit in relation to compulsory purchase and compensation in all its forms. It seeks to promote the highest professional standards amongst practitioners at all levels, and to ensure that the legal framework for compulsory purchase and compensation is clear, fair and effective and reflects best and effective practice.

Where Are We with Reform of CPO Law and Practice
Impediments for using CPOs for Land Assembly: Speed and Costs.
Temporary Possession of Land: The Drive Towards a Temporary Possession Code
Home Loss Payments/Business Loss Payments: Mind the Gap
Question and Answer Session
Keith Petrie, CPA Scotland Chair; FG Burnett
Neil Strachan, Aberdeen City Council
Rob Mcintosh, Aberdeenshire Council
Karen Hamilton, Brodies LLP
Scott Logan, Brodies LLP
Archie Rintoul, RICS Scotland

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