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Working Groups

Introduction and Procedures For Effective Governance
Given the volume of work now arising, much of the CPA business is now devolved to working groups. Groups are led and predominantly populated by board members, but supplemented by co-options from the membership, which are a good way to bring in additional resource and ensure a more inclusive working approach. They also allow people to contribute to the CPA in a less demanding way. The structure and participants of the working groups will be reviewed September/October each year.

Whilst the Board has primary responsibility for decision-making on behalf of the CPA membership, it delegates responsibility to working groups to discuss and agree matters in smaller units.  This reduces email traffic for all. Smaller groups can also meet and communicate more quickly. However, the Board retains ultimate control over resolutions, unless resolved to delegate.

Working groups will agree their agenda with the Board and Chair. They shall discuss, examine, devise and recommend policy and actions for the Board to consider.

Chairs of such groups shall share meeting dates, agendas, papers and outcome reports with the Chair, Vice, Hon Secretary and Administrator. Any reports should be provided 10 days in advance of Board meetings, so papers can be circulated and read, though it is recognised that most members have full-time jobs and commitments that on occasion may impact on it being possible for reports to be provided within that timeframe. Early communication with the Administrator where issues arise will assist with ensuring the meetings can remain effective where this occurs.

The Chairman can attend and participate in any working group,  and may participate by way of note or telecom or presence, but will generally only participate in the working groups within which he is a member, given time constraints.  

Working Groups
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